The RUGs have a new website

After much tinkering and head scratching I’m pleased to announce that we have a new website!

we are now running on a content management system called WordPress, which gives us some great new features:

  • We have a new Members Area where we can share our song sheets. This is a private area so only registered members can access it. This opens up new possibilities such as sharing MP3 files for instance.
  • We have a News page where announcements about the RUGs can be made. Like this for instance.
  • Commenting is available on news posts so you can leave you feedback if you wish.
  • We have a new members Contact form where you can attach PDF files and send them to me for inclusion in the Big Book of Songs.
  • There is also a new Privacy Policy to bring us in line with GDPR.

This will make life easier for me and should enhance your visit to the website. It should also allow for new features in the future.

Happy strumming. 😁

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