Charity Event at The Brownlow Arms

The RUGs shall be playing at the Brownlow Arms at High Marnham on Saturday 1st July. This is a charity event in aid of the Cats Protection charity.

We’re all looking forward to supporting Tom Pryce with his charity event. Tom puts on great events so please support him.

The Brownlow Arms
High Marnham
NG23 6SG

2 thoughts on “Charity Event at The Brownlow Arms

  1. StevieD

    Alright Troops? Sincerely hope and expect to build on the success of previous events, especially MMD23. So, for me it’s about positioning of players, confidence and really having a great time. The attitude and enthusiasm of the group will then spread to the audience and become contagious and then it will become an upwards spiral, where the group and audience react to each other. All the very best. Good luck. Thanks Janice and Ainsley. Thanks for reading. Cheers Troops.


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